Automation And Development

Our application development services help our clients in building future ready, scalable, cost effective applications with low Total Cost of Ownership. We work with you to understand your business, apply our learning and best practices to design customized solutions. Our services encompass both modern and legacy platforms. Our development platforms experience includes PowerShell, VBScript, .Net, Java, Oracle ADF, PaaS (Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services), Mobile platforms (Android / iOS).

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We are Offering the following

  • PowerShell based process automation for infrastructure and cloud
  • Power Automated solutions based on SPO, Flow, and PowerApps
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • ERP Bolt-on application Development – Oracle NetSuite, Fusion, E-Business Suite
  • Database design
  • Quality Assurance and Testing services
  • Application Assessment
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Application Automation and Development

We partner with you to customize the solution for your requirements. We have a great team which can develop the solution for your business requirements from a pay roll application, a real estate application, a medical application, or a pharma application to name a few. Whatever is your need, we can discuss, plan and develop the application for you. We will develop the applications and we will support them while continuing to the development and improvement as and when required. Our approach is scalable and reliable, product and solution.

We work on the following technologies:

PowerShell XML/.net JavaScrip SQLite
Power Automate CSS / PHP Bootstrap Eclipse
Adobe Illustrator WordPress Angular.js Oracle
Adobe Photoshop Java jQuery OpenGL
Adobe Dreamweaver XHTML/HTML SDK Android Studio

Our development offering follows the below mentioned approach:

  • Gather the requirement
  • Discuss the approach internally
  • Present the approach to the customer
  • Develop the solution
  • Release and integrate the software application.
  • Maintenance and support throughout the application end life.

Golden Five Consulting is available to help you with all your automation and development solutions. Success in the business comes with the hard work and we are available to put forward every step with our customers. Contact US.

PowerShell Scripting

Microsoft initially developed Windows PowerShell for the automation of the tasks and configuration management. It runs over .net framework and it is a command line scripting language which is much faster and better than visual basic scripting. The power of PowerShell is amazing which can combine multiple tasks together, it can run the same task for any number of items from one location. This strength made the PowerShell as the most Powerful tool of the modern Information Technology. When we talk about automation in today’s computing then PowerShell takes the lead forward. PowerShell scripts can automate manual tasks in the one click. PowerShell can reduce manual efforts and send you the report of the desired state. Our customers have saved millions of dollars using our automation. We are backed up by Microsoft PowerShell MVPs who have developed and shared scripts with the community.

Visual Basic Scripting

Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting is a lightweight scripting language for general purpose. It has been remarkably amazing scripting language for our infrastructures. It is the scripting language developed for the automation after Microsoft figured out that a dos-based batch file can be automated in much better way in a proper scripting language. We have been using VB scripting throughout in last 20 years and it has been awesome for so many things. We have some great scripters who has been writing scripts of thousands of lines for the automation of some activates in the enterprise infrastructures. Our team has delighted to present many of such scripts to our customers for any windows operating system or active directory or dns changes or producing some reports for the security team. In the modern world, visual basic has been replaced by PowerShell by reducing multiple line of coding to simple one liner script command. At the same time, we have seen some old system still relying on the Visual Basic Scripting. So, we have extended our offering to help our customers with Visual Basic scripting. We are and will support VBScripts.

Website and .Net Development

Golden Five Consulting is involved in creating a wide range of websites, using supported platforms and tools. The role of the developer is embellished with an excellent quality approach, aiming to reflect your business objectives to attract customers worldwide.
In redefining your business, we provide effective Website designs, using advanced and key features of web portal development services tools. We have a professional team, having a strong knowledge in programming languages which are used in many domains. Our team of passionate developers is dedicated and energetic Web Technologies prowess, professionally savvy and expert in building enterprise portal development services. We give a complete Web Portal Development services, to create static and dynamic websites with unique features. We provide the best portals to cater the needs of our esteem clients matching their specifications. Our developers also work on the .NET Framework development which helps our customers in developing their applications based on the .net and integrates with websites. We have the professional team experienced which is using the latest and advanced technology like HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS etc. We focus on the strategies of project guidelines in executing finest websites. We have the expert knowledge on various Web Technologies, a professionally driven expertise team in using software applications and supported platforms.

Mobile APP Development

Golden Five Consulting brings unique and amazing way to grow your business in a right manner by updating with the modern trend. We are well experienced in designing and creating mobile apps suitable for any devices be it Android, IOS, or Windows. The modern world is very innovative so technology is changing every day. Today we are buying smartphones, tablets and mobile devices for multiple purposes including shopping, communicating, financing and many others. We can see the world has already moved from desktop PC to Laptops and in the procession of moving from Laptops to mobile devices. In our view, the need of modern business is a mobile app and your business might not be enough competitive or lose visibility without a mobile app. An investment in a mobile app is a smart decision for business growth, visibility, and competition. We have the professional team experienced in using the latest and advanced technology like Eclipse, Java, OpenGL, HTML5, Android Studio, SDK and SQLite for making amazing mobile apps for businesses to make it more convenient for your customers. We use the strategic development process for apps development to provide proficient Mobile Application Development. We understand the requirement, analyze several possibilities, plan/s, discuss then decide the features and functionality of the app, design and develop your apps to reflect your business and brand identity. We stand with you after delivery of the project as well to maintain and support the mobile app. Our professional approach towards our client to provide 24*7 supports to make sure that they won’t encounter any difficulty with our developed mobile apps. Since Mobile apps are easy to navigate, convenient, and responsive, your business can easily communicate and connect with your customers anytime anywhere. We don’t just create a responsive app, rather we shoot for excellence which can take your business to an amazing height.

Logo Development

We have a specialized team in graphics and multimedia which takes cares of logo designing. When we develop a website and mobile app it becomes a necessity of all the customers to identify themselves with a logo.  We design very professional logos which shows your business objects as well. We ensure the logo reflects your business and ensure 100% satisfaction.