Golden Five Products

Here are our products which are available to purchase. We can customize them according to your infrastructure requirements.

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NEO software tackles the issue of automated user provisioning and access management. Whenever there is a change in the HR system (e.g., new employee, name change, role change, leaving employment), our solutions trigger the appropriate process automatically.


Golden Five System Admin Tool

G5 server reboot tool help organizations in patching, upgrades and other activities that require multiple servers to be rebooted. It can reboot the servers in parallel or in sequence.

Golden Five Timesheet/Leaves/Travel App

We have developed multiple applications using Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint. Today we have Timesheet app for our consultants to record the time and accounts team to check and play them. Leaves app for staff to request the leaves and managers to approve it, then HR/auditors to review them. Travel app for the staff to request the travel and travel team to book their travel and send them the tickets.


We have developed multiple PowerShell based automations for multiple customers for process automation for Microsoft Infrastructure which includes Data update to Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset portal, Condition based Office 365 licensing assignment, File watch to identify the change in folders.